Real Women

How many times have we come across magazine covers, movies, and oh so many vistas, which show us glam, ultra thin, perfectly toned women. Sometimes bordering on being unreal. How many times we have felt bad about our body image, felt our worth being diminished by the way we look. How many times inferiority complex has creeped in, making us feel guilty about our food choices, our looks, our not being ‘that’ girl on ‘that’ poster…Well to be true, even ‘that’ girl on ‘that’ poster doesn’t look like that without Photoshop. So for all of us, who have been blinded by beauty standards dictating the glossies, which have taken a toll on our self worth, we would like to re-introduce you to the real women. Women who work, have responsibilities, eat , take  care of themselves and others around them, and look fab!!! We are going to chronicle their day to day style and what makes them feel good about themselves.


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