Spending Time Alone

I love spending time with myself as much as I love going out and partying with my friends or meeting new people if not more. Guess it’s just part and parcel of being an ambivert.

There are days when I feel that staying at home means the day has been wasted.And there are other days, when I just wanna be in my shell, doing nothing. So this weekend, I took out time for myself. Only myself.

When enjoying one’s own company, one doesn’t have to necessarily sit at home. I like to take myself out. I like dressing up, putting my make up on, wearing my heels/ flats(if I plan on playing tourist in my city) and hitting nice places. Beach fronts are my favorites. Just get a coffee/glass of wine( or an ice cream sundae!!) and relax and enjoy the atmosphere. I like people watching. I think people don’t do that much these days, thanks to the phones. But I love it.

So this weekend I had a day to myself. I slept till late. Made myself a nice breakfast, got ready and went to my hairstylist. Went shopping,looking for quirky stuff for my room. Finally winded up at this quaint little cafe overlooking the sea.

A day all to myself 🙂

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  1. Ileana says:

    Im an only child… and honestly, love spending time by my own! 🙂


    Novelstyle Blog

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