Beauty things to carry in your bag

Every girl has her set of makeup pieces that she HAS to carry in her bag. That’s how we roll. In case you are carrying too much (having quarter of your hand bag filled with make up) or too little, in a fix while going from the office to the party look or just having dry hands, the list below has got you covered.


sunscreenThis is one of the most important things that should be in your mini beauty pouch. Dermatologists have been stressing on the need of wearing sunscreen. Even in WINTERS. So you can understand how incomplete your beauty stash is without a sunscreen. Try and get a tinted one which will save you from the sun and will also at the same time perfect your complexion. You can even go with a BB cream which provides with the benefits of both.

Hand Cream/ Lotion

hand creamDry hands are super irritating, and sometimes when you are shaking hands, you don’t want to give the impression  of being a person who works in the fields. Hand creams come to your rescue in such situations. I swear by L’occitane’s Shea Butter Hand Creams.


eye-makeup-tutorialkohlWe all have our go to product for beautifying our eyes. Be it a mascara/eyeliner/Kohl or all three.Keep it/them in your stash to glam up your look in an instant and without much effort.


balmYou might not be carrying a lipstick but you have to have a lip balm on you. Dry, chapped lips are irritating and painful at the same time.

Face Wipes

facewipesFace wipes come handy against a grimy face. Carry a travel size pack to feel refreshed and clean at any time of the day.


red lipstickAnd now, talking of lipsticks, you should be carrying a shade of lip color that makes you look glam. If you are seriously into lip colors, you should probably have two- a neutral and a really bright one. I swear by my red lippy. Its an instant pick me up on drab days.

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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mishelle says:

    Really usefull post!! Thank you.


    1. ahsknaka says:

      Thanks Mishelle!!


  2. Bold Bliss says:

    Thank you very much for this advice. I do agree completely that a sunscreen is valuable in all seasons! And the lipgloss: makes you feel more confident, useful for all situations. I will try some of your items!

    Bold Bliss


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