Broke Girl’s Guide To Looking Good- Part I

Adding-pumps-instantly-dresses-up-your-look-even-justGreat fashion doesn’t lie in brands but in the style of the person wearing those clothes. Expensive brands give you a luxurious feel, true, but not everyone can afford to have a wardrobe like that of Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex And The City.

For my girlfriends who don’t wanna blow a bomb on their wardrobe and yet look immaculately dressed,I would suggest, start with simple things like accessories. Follow my guide to having the basics that will keep you covered.


Remember you can use them with a lot of ensembles to perk them up and can revise them as often as you want. That’s the best part of accessories and that’s what makes them  a real investment. Hence it is important that you get some chic pieces which will help glam up even a drab outfit.

Watch your Watch

Guess-Watches-W0111L3fw800fh800I find it hard to move out of my place without having a watch on. Not that I have to constantly IMG_43513431265847[1]rely on it, what with the amazing thing called a mobile phone which partly serves as one. But there is something innately elegant about watches. Its a simple piece, and sometimes enough to scream MONEY! Hence invest in a pretty watch.You don’t have to break the bank for it.

I love the watch collection by Guess and Fossil. They are affordable and oh so luxe. In this one, I am wearing a Guess.



Bag Lady

Louis-Vuitton-Alma-MM-Bag-Taurillon-LeatherNothing kills a killer outfit like an ugly bag. Try and keep your bad simple. Too much of glitter/stones or any other work on it, when your bag is not from a decent brand often makes those things drop off and even if they don’t, they aren’t of high quality, hence making your bag look cheap. Try and stick to a simple bag. They are the real winners.




To The Boot

StilettosStilettos are a classy girl’s best friends! They can make you look like a million bucks even whenH & M you pair them with a plain jeans and Tee combo. Just make sure that they are the right fit and comfy enough to walk in, else they will be a real pain.

For those who have a dislike for heels and their side-effects, there are delectable flats available, which can be cute and glam at the same time. I swear by Ballerina Flats. I can wear them all day, look cute, and not have to run around looking for a place to sit to feel better.


Jacket It

leather jacketLeather Jackets are staples. They are versatile, can be used with almost everything in your closet and oh so rad. They are perfect for almost every place and event, be it clubbing, catching your early morning coffee at starbucks, or anything in between. I have a bias towards Bomber Jackets. They are easier to pull off and look amazing. Go in for a Black or Beige. They look classy and go with most of your ensembles.




sunglassesI live in Dubai. Trust me, a pair of sunglasses are not just a pretty accessory here but are a necessity in this part of the world. But the added advantage is them making you look hot. Just make sure your pair has got a UV protection and you are good to go.




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  1. Great article! I totally agree with all your recommendations!



  2. lifebylucy says:

    I loved your tips! I need help in the fashion dept of my life haha I also nominated you for the Liebster Award Tag! the details are on my blog♥ Hope you can participate!

    Lucy |


    1. ahsknaka says:

      Thanks Lucy!! Means a lot 🙂


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