The Illuminous and Eccentric Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi

Anna Piaggi was a true eccentric, a visionary dresser, and an icon in the fashion world. She was fantastical and noted for her electric-blue hair. But most importantly she was known for her profound impact on the fashion industry as a journalist and stylist.

She began her career more than half a century ago in the 1960’s. And her most celebrated work was arguably her Doppie Pagine (Double Pages) spreads for Vogue Italia, where she worked as a creative consultant.
She was a fashion and accessories collector and frequently mixed vintage and contemporary with lots of prints. She was honored with an exhibition in called “Fashion-ology” at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London (2006). The exhibition featured 265 pairs of shoes, 29 fans, 932 hats, 2,865 dresses, 24 aprons and 31 feather boas.

Anna Piaggi eccentric



Despite her involvement in higher spheres of fashion, there was always a sense of experimentation to her aesthetic. Her ensembles worked like collages, a manifestation of her genius style, with focus on each piece being as relevant as the other. So her theatrical presence was never a miss on the front rows of the fashion runway.

Anna Piaggi loved hats, as elaborate and sequential as can be. Perhaps she now dawns another one in a world where color and parody await.


A special thanks to my friend and Fashion Enthusiast Sonakshi Solanki to have written this article for my blog. You rock girl!!

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