Tanvi Ahluwalia

About our special guest..



Name: Tanvi Ahluwalia
Age: 25
Profession: Software Engineer
What’s usually in your bag: Wallet,Notebook,Pen, Keys , Gum, Perfume, Shades,Earphones, Kajal & Lipgloss
What do you think true beauty is: It is the confidence exuded by women who are comfortable & content in their own skins. 
One beauty item you CAN NOT live without: I cannot step out of the house without Kajal so yes major life decisions are depending on it.
What’s your take on fat shamers /bullies/others who try to force their idea of beauty on others: Bullying is not acceptable no matter what the criteria for it be. People come in all shapes and sizes, we are not coming from the Barbie Doll Factory that we all come in the same shape and size. Other people’s opinion (especially negative) about how we look should not affect our self reflection. We should be able to feel good about ourselves.
Tanvi ready to take on the world


Tanvi going ethnic
Tanvi on a relaxed day














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