In The Spotlight: Black & White
In The Spotlight: Black & White

Black and White, two colors- infinite class. Black and white ensembles have this property of lending nobility to the one who carries them. No wonder, Paris, the world’s capital, swears by all black ensembles. White to its credit has umpteen number of celebrities claiming that they feel their best in whites.


But if you want to up your style quotient…black and white together work like a charm.They can take your office attire from uninspiring to posh in a second…

All_White_Outfit_Jumpsuit_BlazerThere is a delicacy in an all white look, accentuated with black accessories, it gives you a look of luxury. You can add black to your look by adding a bag/shoes,belt,statement jewelry in the color. However, keep in mind to not to overdo the accessories. The best part about owning a pair of white trousers is the fact that you need to very little with the rest of your look as you have already added a glam piece to it.

Black-White-Outfits32If you don’t already own one, it is highly advised, that you get yourself a blazer in either of the colors. Its an investment(promise!). They will be your wardrobe staples in the long run. Whether you are going for a monochrome look or mixing and matching, they can give you a variety of combinations as they go with almost everything.


If you wanna spend the day chilling at the mall, go for a picnic or just hang around with your friends, you can mix the two colors to give you a fresh casual feel.


This is such an easy look to pull off, I bet, most of us won’t even need to go shopping to have all that we need for this, just bring out your black jeans/ trousers, a white shirt, pull on a pair of shoes in one of the colors and voila! There are so many shirts and different cuts of trousers to chose from that you can create a very different look with a little change. Also, you can reverse it with white trousers and a black top.


The sun is scorching outside and you just don’y feel like giving a damn about your look. Worry not. A breezy dress like this can come to your rescue. Just pull it on, accessorize a bit and you are ready to hit your own runway. Chose a dress in either of the colors and play with accessories or find one with prints as shown here, it gives a look of ease and elegance at the same time. Just have a plan on 🙂



A simple sheath dress with an iteresting design and pattern is enough to give that oh so adorbs look. If you wanna look like the girl next door, you can totally rock an outfit like the one shown. Pull on some cute sandals or belly flats(my favorites) and you are ready for your dream date. Its the perfect look for a picnic or hitting a fair.

imagesWanna glam it up for the evening, go for a mini and a shirt and add bling with a statement piece. It can never go out of style.


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