How to : Glam up Pencil Skirts

I have a fascination with Pencil Skirts. They make you look like a million bucks in an instant.

I don’t know what is it about them that can make anybody look polished and sophisticated, it can add class a formal affair, and if styled in a slightly different manner, can make you look like a rocker chic-a posh one.

They are the go to pieces for an interview for your dream job, for a board meeting and impresses any individual in the office environment, who has an eye for classy fashion.

And its effect on the male population is highly appreciable so its a total winner for a Date outfit too.

But what I enjoy most about them is how they can be used to funk up your look or tone down your outfit. Especially if your top is loud or if you are wearing a statement piece, it helps keep the look even and saves you from a Gaudy day.



If you want to glam up your office attire, a pencil skirt is your safest  bet. It is the the most sought after piece of clothing for the career girl. You can wear it with a crisp shirt and you are good to go. Saves you time in the morning 🙂

A relaxed office/ day look

For a more relaxed look, you can opt for a fitted tee and a Pencil Skirt. I love love love Pencil Skirts with prints, They give a glam look to an otherwise boring look. Though you are advised to stick to one item with prints on it. So if you have a printed skirt, avoid a printed top. Or else make sure the prints complement each other.

The Day – Night Switch

If you are a girl who has a hell of a social life, and has to switch from a day to evening look in a jiffy, a pencil skirt in bold colors can save your day. Keep in mind to keep your top not too flashy lest you look like a Parakeet at the office. A small change in accessories, or if you can, a change in your top can totally elevate your look for a fun evening.

Raise the bar

Nothing spells runway glam like a leather pencil skirt. It has a bad girl feel, yet can be made to look chic, or grunge depending on your mood. It is great for a night out clubbing, works well in the office with a formal white shirt and can be worn with your tees for a casual look. Its a total winner. I personally can’t live without my black leather pencil skirt.

A pencil skirt to suit all shapes                         and sizes

And for girls out there, who think that a pencil skirt is going to highlight your problem area (muffin top), you can totally rock a pencil skirt, just ask for a peplum one and you are good to go!!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Happy Panda says:

    I love pencil skirts! They are really sophisticated and when paired with the right top can make one both office and party ready. 🙂
    Love the post Bebo!


  2. I do love a good pencil skirt so classy
    Carrieanne x


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