Elinor Wagdy


Name: Elinor Wagdy

Age: 28

Profession: Executive Personal Assistant

What’s usually in your bag: hand cream, work notepad, hello kitty mini mirror , makeup pouch , Chanel Perfume and my VS magenta wallet .

What do you think true beauty is: A genuine smile and a kind truthful word . I also believe a beautiful face along with healthy attitude always stand out. Beauty is never defined by age, color , race or religion . It only defined by action, knowledge and intelligence and if a beautiful face tops that then I guess god was in a good mood when he created you J

One beauty item you CAN NOT live without : facial mattifying sheets from ELF

What’s your take on fat shamers /bullies/others who try to force their idea of beauty on others: I got an agitating belief about fat ( obese ), if you care enough about an obese person, you should turn their lives upside down to make sure they get healthier ( you are actually doing them a favor ) but this isn’t an excuse to bully anyone. Bullying is not acceptable in any form and at any cost ( PERIOD )

About forcing beauty ideas on others; well  we are all free spirits no one can force any idea on anyone these days, Media has its own sneaky way to intentionally drive us from morals and self-worth to a wreck  with all the unrealistic expectations it shows about beauty. You see I stopped blaming the Media when I realized it’s me who should choose how I want to look like and be and not a media agent … Believe it or not I refuse to have a TV in my house, I even don’t use the laptop unless I am working and for work purpose ONLY  and for so I know did myself a favor with this decision I made 5 years ago … I am a Happy Puppy now 🙂

at work (1)
Off to work
Going out to catch up with friends

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