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I am a big fan of Fashion Magazines. I love the glossy covers, the fun articles, the fashion updates, the ads and you know how it goes. But one thing I absolutely do not like are the super skinny models. Sometimes so skinny that they look emaciated. And emaciated to me doesn’t equal beautiful.

And it’s not just the magazines. Be it print media or electronic media, wherever you look, you see tonnes of young models, often in their early teens, and thin enough to seem to belong to some Nazi camp. The media consciously or unconsciously has been projecting an image of female beauty which is both hard to attain and unhealthy.

It not only is creating unhealthy body goals in our minds but is also in a way telling us that our bodies are not beautiful. And that we must look a certain way to be considered beautiful. The product of all this is people going on oh so unhealthy crash diets, developing eating disorders, going into depression over their appearance, thinking that the guy/girl they like would be interested in them if they were thinner, having low esteem and discomfort in public places due to the fear of being constantly judged by people due to being a certain weight, the list is endless.

It’s high time media starts understanding its role in shaping the society and pays closer attention to what it is promoting. This kind of demoralizing of masses over their appearance is not healthy and not helping anyone except those selling diet pills with ‘magical’ properties.

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  1. Elinor says:

    The above image resembles only one thing for me SICKNESS … this is not even sexy and i believe in the end of the day we should protect our youth from such wrong media indications and instead allow them the time to read, sport , even put them forward to the right slide of fashion and media … Its up to us to select and choose what we deem useful for us and our society. So if the model lives in a society that accepts her this way, then she is a happy puppy .., but would i want my daughter to be a skeleton when she is only 18 i would rather stuff her mouth with MACDONALDS day and night until she becomes size 10 … if i have to 🙂

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    1. ahsknaka says:

      Haha I totally agree with you Elinor.


  2. Happy Panda says:

    We have similar thoughts. I am an avid fashion follower but i dislike skinny models and the extra extra small sizes they encourage. I see such a huge change in body image perception in India itself. Till late 90’s we had actresses like Madhuri and Kajol who had healthy body sizes but they were soon replaced with the likes of the ‘size zero’ Kareena.
    Media has to play a responsible role in promoting a healthy body image especially amognst younsters.

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