Sun BAN!!!

Being a Dubai Girl, I know the importance of a good Sunscreen. No one enjoys a sunburn. And the climate being harsh in Dubai makes us scamper to the closest drug store to get our quota of Sunscreens stocked, lest we are caught unawares. Below are some of the Sunscreens I have come across..

Neutrogena- Ultra Sheer (SPF 50+)

n2h6907k1j53klnI love the fact that this is really long lasting. Even on staying for a long time in water, I could evade tan. Its negatives are that its a heavy formula, though that helps it provide excellent protection. Also it provides this shine, which people looking forward to a matte look wouldn’t be too glad about.

Vichy- Capital Soleil (SPF 50)

haulmueller_vichyspf50Vichy I have used for a long time and I love the product. Its long lasting and does a great job of being a sunscreen. But once again, its a heavy formula and often leaves a sticky feeling on the skin. It also has a lot of shine element.

Lotus Herbals- Safe Sun (SPF 100)
lotus-The best part of this product is that it is herbal. It has really high SPF and has properties of anti-ageing and anti-tan. Other positives are, its being light on the skin and being tinted. On the negative side, its tint sometimes leaves you with an ashen look.


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