Kohl Testing 123…

I am one person who swears by eye make-up. Let’s just say, I don’t remember leaving my house before having my eyes rimmed with Kohl/Liner. Since High School days, Kohl has been my bestie. So it is obvious, that I have tried different brands in my quest to find that of so fab Kohl which would not only be dark and longlasting, but ALSO smudgefree (You see, I am yet to meet a girl who loves raccoon eyes :p). For now, we will be looking at two commonly available Kohls, which are from tried and tested brands and are economical too.



I am not even going to deny the fact that this is one of my FAVORITES!! It is easy to apply, doesn’t need any sharpening as it comes in the form of a twister pen, is extremely longlasting- I don’t have to keep checking on my Kajal every half an hour, and even after a long day at work, my eyes look perfect and smugefree. Though one negative is that it requires a lot of effort to create a smokey eye with this one as you have keep rubbing to get the desired effect.



Lakme is one brand I have known since childhood as it has undoubdtedly been one of mother’s favorites, and I love it too. The best part about the Eyeconic Kajal is that it comes in a variety of shades(grey, green, blue, white, brown and black). So you get to play with a lot of colors. This again comes with a twister pen, so saves you the time and effort of looking for a Kohl sharpener and sharpening, broken nibs, etc. It promises 10 hours of smudgefree look. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen in my case. You’re eyes get smudged within an hour and you have keep an eye on your Kajal to keep it from running.Its great for a Smokey look. But then again, you HAVE to keep checking on your eye-makeup.

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