Julienne Bayoneta

It feels great to have beautiful ladies from everyday life taking part on my Project- REAL WOMEN.

About our latest guest..

Julienne Bayoneta

Name: Julienne Bayoneta

Age: 27

Profession: Administrator cum Secretary

What’s usually in your bag: A wallet, hanky, beauty kit

What do you think true beauty is: True beauty lies from within. Outer beauty fades overtime. I have my favorite verse which says “Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain but the woman who fears God is to be praised”

One beauty item you CAN NOT live without : Face powder with SPF

What’s your take on fat shamers /bullies/others who try to force their idea of beauty on others: As the famous idiomatic expression line “Beauty is only skin deep”. Oh dear, don’t be such a bully! Remember, God made all things beautiful. We are created uniquely. Yes, given you have that gorgeous look and an alluring body but if you don’t have that so called “character” then you’re not that pretty as you thought you were.

Julienne on a trip to the Beach
Julienne the Power Girl
Julienne on a casual day out



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