Ruqayyah Merchant

About our special guest…

Name: Ruqayyah Merchant
Age: 21
Profession: Electrical and Electronics Engineer (Student)
What’s usually in your bag: Honestly I hate carrying a bag but if I do I usually just have my wallet and phone. I prefer keeping my pockets full 😛
What do you think true beauty is: True Beauty is really a matter of heart and accepting yourself as beautiful. We live in a body obsessed world which thrives on fake and materialistic beauty.
One beauty item you CAN NOT live without : Face wash and Vaseline moisturizer.
What’s your take on fat shamers /bullies/others who try to force their idea of beauty on others: As the saying goes, ” Dressing Immodestly is like rolling in manure. Yes you will get the attention, but mostly from pigs! ” Just be yourself and believe true beauty lies within and no one but you have the right to judge your beauty!
Ruqayyah’s Ethnic look..
Ruqayyah’s party look..
Ruqayyah Merchant
Ruqayyah on a lazy day..
Nailing it for the interview!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Squi says:

    This seems to be a great start !! Cheers !!!


    1. ahsknaka says:

      Aww thanks 🙂


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